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Our advantage

Leadership comes from focusing on quality and achieving extraordinary results

  • Efficient Customized Production

    Customized production with sufficient inventory to ensure sufficient liquidity; multi-order parallel operation, perfect coordination between human and machinery, ensuring high quality of office furniture products.

  • Product quality control guarantee system

    The order-production-distribution installation-acceptance is completed, and each process has standard operating procedures to meet customers' demand for high standards of office furniture.

  • Insight into customer needs

    Zhongshan Genova Changsha Office Furniture Company always adheres to the concept of "pragmatic achievement excellence", and produces high-quality and practical products with a pragmatic attitude, with 16 ...

  • Manufacturer self-operated

    Zhongshan Genova Changsha Office Furniture Company's own factory eliminates the need for middlemen to earn the difference; it does not rely on third-party e-commerce platforms and saves a large platform entry fee.

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About Us / ABOUT US


Hunan Chengyi Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Genova Furniture Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is located in the south of Zhongshan City, the beautiful hometown of great men. It is a professional fashion office furniture company integrating design, production and sales.

Zhongshan Genova Changsha Office Furniture Company will take "pragmatic, unique and innovative" as its operating goal, and insist on establishing itself in the furniture industry with high-quality products, perfect services and stylish design. Products cover: system workstations, screens, administrative desks, chairs, sofas, desks, file cabinets, conference tables and eight series. Creativity comes from the market, innovation comes from inspiration, creation comes from thinking, facing the diversification of current furniture needs, ...

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Phone: 13548665353 Phone: 0731-82736960

Address: No. 5018, 5th Floor, Jingwanzi Home Furnishing Plaza (Meixihu Branch), Northwest Jiaozi, at the intersection of Fenglin 3rd Road and Pingchuan Road, Tianding Street , Yuelu District , Changsha City
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